August 2020
During this whole pandemic I haven’t let anyone in my home except care givers and my family. I am so ashamed of my feet, but you made me feel so comfortable and safe. Thank you. My feet feel fantastic  when can I see you again. CB Amherst

July 2020
“One of my favorite things at work is to receive a call from a customer who just raves about the care that they received from one of our nurses or how much better they felt post care. It just makes my day knowing what we do really makes a difference”  Brady customer care coordinator 

Mar 2020
“Just a quick note to thank you for your recommendation for EcoSox compressed stockings. They work well, and even more importantly, I can take them on and off.”

Note from a patient who has been struggling with compression socks. I promised him that I had some tricks up my sleeve to help him

From one of our nurses (3/20)
I wanted to share my pleasant surprise that i had today. I saw a patient (in my other nursing job (VNA)) and of course during the visit, i assessed her feet for edema, nail care, pulses, etc. As i was examining her feet, i noted her lovely feet and very nicely trimmed nails. I asked her if she had WMEC services and she said yes. I said do you have services from FCBN? And she said yes she did. Well of course she did! Those feet looked like a million bucks and she was very grateful for the great care. I felt very proud of her nurse (sorry, i can’t remember who saw her) and the good work our agency does.  Keep up the great work.   Sue RN


Thank you for restoring dignity back to me and my feet. JS 7/19


Please don’t put my socks back on. My feet haven’t looked this good in over 40 years. I’ve been wearing sandal all summer thanks to you and did I tell you that I am now able to walk up to the post office? I’ve been doing that 2- 3 times a week. CP age 90 7/19


Every nurse from your organization has been so wonderful. I cannot thank you enough, its made such a difference


Who do I write a letter to to let them know what an incredible experience this was?  JS 7/19


It’s a miracle, I can’t believe how great my feet and legs feel – thank you HM 7/19


I can’t believe a pair of socks makes such a difference. CD 11/18


I haven’t felt that big toe in years. Thank you BT 12/18


” Really that peeling skin isn’t dry skin, and those hammer toes are just from tension” SD 9/18


My legs and I feel so much lighter since you showed me how to balance on them. Relacing my shoes also made a huge difference. 8/18


Both my son and I can’t believe how much nicer my feet look and feel post the vinegar soak you recommended. Thank you, thank you, thank you. C 8/18


My painful ingrown toe has not returned since you used that skinny burr down the side. Thank you MW 7/18


Phone message “I know you just left, but I wanted to call and thank you again for coming to my home and taking care of me and my feet. They just feel so wonderful – Thank you, and thank you for being so caring and understanding”. B 4/19


Email  ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH  for transforming my feet” EK 4/18


“I can’t believe I can feel my feet… I can actually feel my feet” J 3/18


Hi Kate,  Just dropping a note to thank you for your presentation. You were so informative in explaining all about our balance and our shoes, and how important our feet are.  Feet are a big part of our body. Those of us who experienced the changing of the laces noticed a huge difference.  Everyone that was there was so interested in everything you had to say.  We cannot thank you enough for taking time to come and share all your information with us. We will definitely be in touch in the future.  Thank you again, 1/18 K &L from Holyoke


just a note….I had a VERY NICE experience last week at my first appt. LOVELY nurses, you have there. D* Nov 2017

hi. a year ago a young girl from your company, named Jovi came to my home to take care of my Mom’s toenails. she was wonderful, and even though my Mom had dementia and never let anybody ever touch her feet, Jovi was so wonderful and took such care with amazing gentleness that I will never ever forget it.

I don’t want to lose my other leg. With your care not only is my foot and leg well taken care of, you have also helped me understand how I can take better care of myself. Thank you. P* age 62

Thank you for coming, I was so looking forward to seeing you. Your care makes such a difference to both me and my feet. Thank you. H, on hospice Oct 2017

Susan is very pleasant and caring. She recommended socks for me, I told my daughter.  She bought me 6 pairs. I absolutely love wearing them. June 2017 C* 80

In the midst of medical/health problems, my feet had been at the bottom (lol) of the list of care. Cruising Facebook one day, I found a mention of foot care that led me to Footcare By Nurses and calling changed my foot life!  My difficulty of even local travel was solved easily as Kate appeared and not only cared for my toenails but performed some magic massage on my feet and the next morning I had my own feet and ankles back without the uncomfortable and ugly (yes, I am a little vain!) swelling I had had so long – swelling the meds hadn’t solved.  This one visit proved to me how important professional foot care is for the whole body.  I am so grateful for that continued care from Kate and Footcare by Nurses.  June 2017 – Shirley, Age 83

shoe too big

I had no idea that my shoe was too big. My foot has become wider as I have gotten older. Thank you for showing me how to get shoes that fit me. May 2017 A* age 60

FootCare by Nurses has literally saved my feet and exercise routine. And for the first time in years, these 65 year old feet are mostly pain-free. I found Kate via a referral from a friend after experiencing years of costly, ineffective podiatrist appointments. Most of the treatments were not covered by insurance since I was not a diabetic and the copays were outrageous; orthotics in the $100s and procedures (reducing calluses, etc) that required additional fees on top of the copays. When I asked the insurer if they were OK with my taking a scalpel to my own feet, they didn’t have much of a response other than I could challenge their denial of benefits. Then I found Kate, who assessed my feet during the first appointment and put together a treatment plan that was less expensive then each of my co-pays. She took the time to listen to my concerns, and assess my needs. She was realistic about what could be improved and what might not change. My calluses are under control and I am free of ingrown toenails; I am walking and exercising regularly with less discomfort and the cramping in my feet is considerably reduced. Reflexology and massage are my favorite parts of each appointment along with the conversation. I schedule these appointments on a regular basis just as I do the massage therapist and the chiropractor. It’s what I need to do to keep my body in as good a shape as possible as I tackle these ‘senior’ years. My feet will never be pretty…..but they are functional and that’s all that matters. I am enormously grateful that a practice like FootCare by Nurses exists. Everyone, regardless of age and foot issues should have access to this type of care. June 2017 Linda

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