Our Team

Dr. Kate Clayton-Jones

CEO/CNO Kate Clayton-Jones PhD, MBA, MSN, RN, CFCN, and CFCS.

Before diving into the foot care world, Kate had a career in aviation and then finance. She was motivated to start FootCare by Nurses because, as an acute care nurse, she saw too many people having their toes or feet amputated from causes she thought were preventable. With a clear passion for proper foot care and a business background, Kate began her journey to give everyone the best foot care possible. Along the way, she gave a TEDx talk in 2019 to raise awareness about caring for your feet and was nominated for the 2020 Massachusetts Woman’s Small Business Owner of the Year Award. She sits on the WOCNCB examination committee and has been an international speaker. When she isn’t running the business, Kate can be found on the front lines developing out the science of foot care. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, horses and other farm animals.

Tani Rivera, RN CFCS – Hiring and training manager

Tani A graduate of Holyoke Community College nursing program, Tani comes from the world of dialysis and adult foster care. Before coming to nursing Tani had a career in renewable resources. Tani enjoys spending time with her daughter, farm animals and sailing.

Andrea Conrad

Andrea Conrad RN CFCS – Director of Nurses

A native of Fitchburg, Andrea is passionate about caring for her community of older adults. A CNA for many years in home health, Andrea also helped run the family business.  When her children became adults, Andrea fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse by attending Fitchburg State. She is currently working on her bachelors degree with a focus on kinesiology and movement. Andrea loves spending time with her family and her grandson.

Our Nurses

Each of our nurses has expansive nursing experience both in the acute and home care settings. All are AFCNA certified or actively working towards certification. Before going into the field all nurses go through extensive evidence – based training that includes aspects of reflexology, acupressure, therapeutic touch, active listening and using state of the art power tools. Each nurse also brings their unique nursing perspectives and experiences to the table. The goal is to give every patient the best care possible.

Our Team Behind the Scenes

We have a growing team of fantastic people who keep our nurses on track, schedule appointments, and a vast array of other tasks which allow FootCare by Nurses to run smoothly.

Vanessa is our operations and accounts person and keeps the ship running. Andrew is our CFO and head of HR. Shannon takes care of a lot of the HR and keeps our systems running.

Our team of schedulers, customer care, and nurse support includes Leslie who oversees that department, Hayley, who covers the Berkshires, Kelli, who covers the Pioneer Valley, Hogan who manages Worcester County. And we are also hiring

Our mascots are  – Theo and Zumi. Theo is a great Pyrenees who was born in 2016. A trained therapy dog, Theo can often be found sound asleep under a table nearby. Zumi is our latest addition. He is a St. Bernard mix who is currently in training.

Kids – Our staff have kids. We are very supportive of families and work life balance. Sometimes, especially at our clinics there might be a kiddo. This is the next generation of care givers in training.

Mentors and Advisors

FootCare by Nurses mentors include the Berthiaume Institute which is part of the UMass Isenberg School of Management, the Springfield SBA, the  Franklin County CDC, Valley Venture Mentors, Dr. Julia Overstreet, and a network of amazing Canadian nurses who belong to the CAFCN. The faculty and staff from the University of Massachusetts have also been instrumental in helping Kate learn to do and facilitate nursing science. We also learn a lot from those who honor us by inviting us to do their care. We are incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement we receive.