Foot Care Training and Learning

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As a nurse, a nurse practitioner or other health care provider have you ever wanted to learn how to do foot care? FootCare by Nurses offers a number of opportunities, including how to use high-speed burrs. 

Our board-certified nurses precept for both the WOCN’s CFCN  and the AAFCN’s CFCS exam and we can provide both business consulting and real, hands on, foot care practice.

Please contact us at 413.367.8369 or email and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Are you an organization that cares about peoples feet?  Are you a caregiver, or an agency with RN’, LPNS, CNAS and PCA’s? We would be happy to come and talk to you about our services, but more importantly and we can come to your location and teach you about good foot care practices.

While you may think this is just for nursing agencies we share our knowledge with all. Our work is ultimately abut falls prevention and wellness.  We have given talks to Kiwanis and Lions clubs, Runners groups, Senior centers and Grange groups, and even school groups. Feet are what most of us use to get around, and preventing problems from happening is about know how, please invite us to share our knowledge with you.