Dear health care professional

I am deeply concerned. I recently saw a patient that has a cancer diagnosis, is diabetic  and severely immunocompromised. Your team suggested a skin care product that contains both mineral oil and petrolatum. The WOCN and science does not actually recommend petroleum-based products.1. Petroleum creates a non-permeable film on the skin. A good idea atContinue reading “Dear health care professional”

Watch out for those sandals – Weak feet can lead to painful feet

All winter long we tend to walk around in quite substantial shoes. As the days warm up though, most of us are looking at those sandals and flip flops and counting the days until we can comfortably slip into them. Most flip-flops and sandals have little support, so our feet have to adjust. Now isContinue reading “Watch out for those sandals – Weak feet can lead to painful feet”

Keeping those ski tips up

We see a lot of patients who are struggling with balance and fear of falling. They may even say something like “I have hammer toes” or “my feet always feel clenched”.  At FootCare by Nurses, through education, touch, and massage we can actually help feet regain the balance, strength, and flexibility that are needed, in orderContinue reading “Keeping those ski tips up”

Taking up running/ walking again

So, you have decided to lose some pounds, shed some winter blues and you have spring fever. You can’t wait to pull out those sandals, in fact, you have already dusted them off. Before you head out full of glee please be mindful that your feet have been encapsulated in boots, solid shoes, and slippers forContinue reading “Taking up running/ walking again”