Shoe lacing study

In January, as part of my PhD dissertation work, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with 19 amazing participants and the crew at the UMass gait lab. We were looking at the effect of a shoe lacing intervention on measures of comfort and on toe pressures. For over a year now, at FootCare by … More Shoe lacing study


Not much seems to be written about toes but they are incredibly important little appendages at the end of our feet. The great toe is a lever to help push us forward, and the other 4 toes are for balance. In our practice we often see several toes being used to hold shoes on, as … More Toes

Painful feet

While 1 in 3 Americans say their feet hurt often, At FootCare by Nurses we know that feet don’t have to hurt, and the solution to those hurting feet doesn’t have to be expensive. Given that a pair of custom orthotics can cost north of $300, and a good pair of shoes is easily $100, … More Painful feet

lacing your shoes

A 2015 article in Popular Mechanics talked about what that last hole in your sneakers lacing pattern is about. Turns out if you feed your lace back in, you can anchor your lace so that it does not come untied. Sadly though, the article did not discuss many other things that lacing can do for … More lacing your shoes

Watch out for those sandals – Weak feet can lead to painful feet

All winter long we tend to walk around in quite substantial shoes. As the days warm up though, most of us are looking at those sandals and flip flops and counting the days until we can comfortably slip into them. Most flip-flops and sandals have little support, so our feet have to adjust. Now is … More Watch out for those sandals – Weak feet can lead to painful feet