Our Team

Kate fcbn

Our founder, Kate Clayton-Jones holds a Masters in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is certified as a foot care nurse through both the AAFCN and the WOCN. Kate says she was motivated to start FootCare by Nurses because as an acute care nurse, she saw too many people having their toes or feet amputated from causes she thought were so preventable.  She thinks that all nurses need to play an active role in foot care and in preventing falls and foot ulcers from happening in the first place and that they can do that using TLC, evidence-based practice and nursing knowledge. Kate is one of our practicing nurses. She is also an active member of the AAFCN and the CAFCN.  Kate is also a very engaging speaker who has presented papers and spoken at international conferences. In her spare time, she is pursuing a PhD at the University of Massachusetts and loves tending to all of her farm animals.

carole at table
Carole has been with the company since inception. She knows all the ins and outs. She heads up sales, scheduling, customer relations and HR. In her spare time, she is a certified animal massage therapist and a trained Reiki practitioner.

FCBN crewOur nurses

All have a lot of nursing experience both in the acute and home care settings. All are AAFCN board certified and actively practice foot care nursing in the community.

Susan has a lot of experience in home care. Kristin comes from the world of dialysis.  Jovy is a cardiac nurse and also works in the rehab world.  Susie brings experience working with elders living in assisted living. Nina has been a public health nurse for many years. Tricia comes to us from home care and teaching a lot of CNAs their skills. Emily will be joining us soon. She comes from the world of elder care and daycare programs. Each nurse brings thier unique persepctives and set of expereinces to the table. All our nurses have gone through our evidence-based training program so that you can be assured of receiving our FootCare by Nurses quality care.

making friends with theo

Our mascot – Theo is a great Pyrenees who was born in 2016. A trained therapy dog, Theo can often be found sound asleep under a table nearby.

Mentors and Advisors

FootCare by Nurses is currently being mentored by the Franklin County CDC, Valley Venture Mentors, Dr. Julia Overstreet, a network of amazing Canadian nurses who belong to the CAFCN  and the faculty and staff from the University of Massachusetts. We also learn a lot from those who honor us by inviting us to do their care. We are incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement we receive.