Caring for the Whole

FootCare by Nurses Our Mission is Prevention Our Passion is Caring

Because the current system doesn’t work, and because the body is a Whole, medicine tends to look at parts. While we hold ourselves out as foot care nurses, we are in the falls prevention business and look at the Whole person, in their home.

We believe that, through the caring of a person’s feet, we are doing amazing nursing work. We view feet as the foundation of many things body, mind and spirit. Our nurses perform a full lower limb assessment, and take care of unruly nails, and other foot concerns, and our work is about the restoration of dignity and foot function as well as supporting health and wellness through the application of caring science.

Our nurses translate medical jargon into language and knowledge all can understand. Our work augments the approaches and methods of others by supporting the suggestions and recommendations of a person’s medical team. We also look for falls risks, including reviewing medications, assessing for depression and/or anxiety, poor eyesight and hearing and other factors.

Our goal is to support health and wellness and improve quality of life body, mind and spirit and sleuth out clues to help the people we take care of. Ours is a different path than mainstream health care. We are making the art and science of FootCare. It is also heart work. FootCare by Nurses tends to the Whole person that we are lucky enough to be able to spend time with. Every day we are incredibly grateful, we think that you will be too.

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