How feet work vs how shoes work

Feet are amazing things. There are 26 bones packed into a tight little package that is designed to support the whole body, both resting and in motion. The foot can be divided into two major parts, the foot, and the toes. The toes are for balance, The foot is a springing, balance and also a pivot point. In an ideal world, when we walk or run, the earth would give way to the weight of our body. Think sandy beach. But that is not the reality of the world, which is why we have shoes.

Shoes are like gloves for the feet. They have a purpose. It is to protect our feet from whatever we are doing. If you are a logger, wearing ballet shoes is not maybe the best choice. Shoes are also designed to function in a certain way. Your heel is supposed to be securely fastened into the heel of the shoe, which is why shoes have laces and straps.

When feet are not operating properly or the foot is not securely fastened into the shoe, then that’s when problems happen. Problems like plantar fasciitis, corns, and calluses, tired legs, and sore ankles. A lot of that can also be attributed to not actually balancing on your feet well. In order to fix these problems a lot of people spend a lot of money seeking answers. At Footcare by Nurses we think there is a different way. How about we teach you how to use your feet well and fit, and secure, your shoes properly. This may seem like a simple answer, but we are in the prevention business.

While we take care of the foot care needs of elders who can no longer reach their feet, we also see people who have been struggling with foot issues for years.  They are delighted with our simple approaches and application of evidence-based knowledge. In one session we can change a person’s life for the better, without draining their pocketbook. If you suffer from foot pain, life is not as much fun. We think that life should be fun and we know that our work makes a difference. We share and apply our special nursing knowledge with you, including how to balance on your feet, how to pick, fit and wear shoes for your specific feet, and how to take care of your skin and nails without breaking your budget.  Yes, our service costs a little bit of money, but we save you lots of money in the long term. Just check out our testimonials.  we think that you and your feet deserve

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I have been a certified foot care nurse for 4 years. I became a foot care nurse because I got tired of seeing people having wounds and amputations for reasons that I thought were so preventable. In 2015 I founded FootCare by Nurses to train other nurses how to do evidence based foot care and provide high quality foot care staffing into area senior centers and agencies that see the value good foot care.

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  1. Kate, how can we get hold of you and what is your price for one session. I was at the foot care conference, and just want to have more of you for more people. would love to get more knowledge and practice with you.

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