When to Epsom

By Kate Clayton-Jones

When to use Epsom salts – Epsom salts are useful when trying to draw toxins or infection out. Often an Epsom salt soak is suggested for softening the skin around an ingrown toenail. It has its purpose and is very good at it. However, it should not be done that often, especially with elderly or at risk feet, because it DOES soften the skin AND pulls toxins/ moisture out of the skin. The very thing you are trying to do can also be harmful. Skin is supposed to have integrity. it protects you from the environment. So keeping it healthy and happy should be about giving it what it needs not taking things away.

Skin health depends on what you eat, the way that your hormones and metabolism are functioning and a host of other environmental factors. If you aren’t sure ask us. If you know why you are doing something and you are getting the results that you want – that’s great. But, If you keep doing the same thing over and over again and you are getting results you don’t like (e.g pealing or macerated skin) then stop. Reassess and make a new plan. You might be pleasantly surprised how much better your skin then looks and feels.

Published by Kate

I have been a certified foot care nurse for 4 years. I became a foot care nurse because I got tired of seeing people having wounds and amputations for reasons that I thought were so preventable. In 2015 I founded FootCare by Nurses to train other nurses how to do evidence based foot care and provide high quality foot care staffing into area senior centers and agencies that see the value good foot care.

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