When to Epsom

By Kate Clayton-Jones MSN RN PhD(c) CFCN CFCS When to use Epsom salts – Epsom salts are useful when trying to draw toxins or infection out. Often an Epsom salt soak is suggested for softening the skin around an ingrown toenail. It has its purpose and is very good at it. However, it should not … More When to Epsom

Please, no petroleum

By Kate Clayton-Jones MSN PhD(c) RN CFCN CFCS Here is my appeal to you all. Please don’t use Vaseline or petroleum-based creams or salves on feet, especially on the feet of diabetics or the elderly. Why… you ask? What’s wrong with using it? Vaseline is a petroleum-based product and petroleum-based products are occlusives. This means … More Please, no petroleum