Does flap cause your feet to crack?

By Kate Clayton-Jones

Are your feet cracked because you flap? When the heel of your shoes flap when you walk, it creates friction. The friction dries out the skin on the heel and causes cracking. To prevent this, your heel should always sit snuggly in the shoe, even when you are walking. The technical term is the vamp holds your heel into the counter. Not all shoes are well engineered for your feet but the application of a little know how can prevent painful cracked feet.

the flap

Published by Kate

I have been a certified foot care nurse for 4 years. I became a foot care nurse because I got tired of seeing people having wounds and amputations for reasons that I thought were so preventable. In 2015 I founded FootCare by Nurses to train other nurses how to do evidence based foot care and provide high quality foot care staffing into area senior centers and agencies that see the value good foot care.

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