About Us

We are a skilled nursing service of board certified Registered Nurses trained and certified in foot care. Compassionate, kind, safe, evidence based care is our mantra. While the primary purpose of our business is to take care of foot care needs, which includes trimming nails, taking care of thick and fungal nails, addressing calluses and corns, athletes foot, painful toes and feet and other skin related issues, our nurses are also encouraged to use their nursing knowledge along with teaching people how to prevent foot issues from occurring in the first place.

Did you know that nurses are the #1 most trusted profession.
Our nurses use evidence, nursing knowledge and a whole person approach to supporting overall health. Please feel free to tap into their expertise. They are able to provide a knowledgable listening ear, and help you understand your foot and health concerns. If they see something that is medically concerning they will also help you understand and get you the attention that you may need.

Yes – we do home visits as well as being the foot care nurse at  many area clinics
Our nurses come can come directly to your home, or if you prefer you can visit them at one of our many clinics.

Home Visits and quality staffing provided at area senior centers and Councils on Aging etc. Our services are also available through Life Path and WMEC.
FootCare by Nurses offers person-centered foot care in the home and also in regularly scheduled clinics, including our clinic at 63 French King hwy #7 in Greenfield MA.  Our nurses can be found at senior centers, councils on aging, in town halls and in assisted living centers. Our services are also available through some ASAPS such as LifePath and WMEC and also at Allen’s in Leominster.  Please call 413.367.8369 or email “contact@FootCarebyNurses.net” for more information about how you can access our services.


Providing a much needed service
FootCare by Nurses is dedicated to providing great evidence based foot care to everyone who needs it. We are serious about this. Feet are what people need to get about and We believe that No-one should go without foot care.

We also offer flexible contract staffing solutions to any professional organizations from podiatry offices to wound care clinics or any practice that values feet.  We welcome inquiries from anyone – individuals, Councils on Aging, Aging Service Access Points, Home Health Agencies, and Assisted Living Residences and anyone who need nurses to provide great, evidence based compassionate  foot care to their clients.

Training new foot care nurses
We are able to train nurses to be foot care nurses. We provide hands on precepting opportunities in a variety of settings for both the AAFCN (CFCS certification) and the WOCN (CFCN certification)

Education and speaking opportunities
It is our feet that walk us through life. At FootCare by Nurses, we believe that knowledge is power.  Feet that are well cared for do not have bunions, corns, wounds  or calluses and should not be painful or swollen. Your foot health should also not be a reason to have a wound or fall. We are happy to come and talk to your organization, nurses, care givers, soccer teams, school groups, nursing students, medical students, senior groups, running groups or any organization that is curious,  and values foot health.

A short movie about why we do what we do.