About Us

Our board certified nurses are Registered Nurses who are trained and certified in foot care. While their primary purpose is to take care of your foot care needs, they also use nursing knowledge to support your overall health and well being. Nursing knowledge includes use of therapeutic touch and helping you understand your foot health needs.

Home Visits and quality staffing

FootCare by Nurses offers person-centered foot care at our clinics, in the home, and in regularly scheduled foot care clinics hosted by area councils on aging,  senior  centers and assisted living residences all over Massachusetts. Our nurses can also be found at Allen’s department store in Leominster, MA and we are contracted in to provide services through Life Path.

Providing a much needed service

FootCare by Nurses is dedicated to providing great foot care to everyone who needs it. We also offer flexible contract staffing solutions to health and wellness organizations. We welcome inquiries from individuals, Councils on Aging, Aging Service Access Points, Home Health Agencies, and Assisted Living Residences who need nurses to bring foot care to their clients.

Training new foot care nurses

We are able to train nurses to be foot care nurses. We provide hands on precepting opportunities in a variety of settings for both the AAFCN (CFCS certification) and the WOCN (CFCN certification)

Education and speaking opportunities

It is our feet that walk us through life. At FootCare by Nurses we believe that knowledge is power.  Feet that are well cared for do not have bunions, corns or calluses and should not be painful or swollen. Your foot health should also not be a reason to have a wound or fall. We are happy to come and talk to soccer teams. school groups, nursing students, medical students, senior groups, running groups or any organization who are curious and value foot wellness.

A short movie about why we do what we do.