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Our evidence-based nursing practice focuses on education, prevention, and care especially towards the prevention of falls and wounds. We restore dignity and function by doing nail care, tension release and working our nursing magic.

Our Story

Everyone has feet, but not everyone knows the value of them. Our nurses and staff at Footcare by Nurses believe everyone deserves great evidence-based foot care. There is no “one size fits all” model for foot care, instead our nurses give each patient the individualized care they deserve. Foot care is not just about nails or the cosmetic look of the foot; instead we focus on improving overall foot function to prevent falls and improve quality of life. Our patients return to us time and time again because of the kindness, compassion, integrity, and caring shown in every visit. We have built a world where the patient-nurse relationship has trust extending beyond standard care.

Home Care

We practice holistic care, in the comfort of your home. Holistic care is a philosophy; it’s a method to ensure care for all parts of a patient. Holistic nurses are those that recognize and treat each individual differently. Holistic nurses are often described by patients as those nurses that “truly care.” While we certainly take care of toenails, from a physical perspective our goal is to enhance overall foot function by improving nail and skin health, enhancing range of motion, optimizing foot function and improving circulation. During care we also support the mind and spirit, and share knowledge, which are important components of health and wellness. This Philosophy of care is as old as Florence Nightingale and is a refreshingly different approach to care of the feet. We invite you to try it

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