Experts in Foot Care

Our Nurses are Experts in Foot Care

At The Helm

Nurses are educators and patient advocates. They are knowledgable, empathetic listeners with a broad base of skills. Nurses have the functional knowledge base and experience they need to care for people, no matter what condition they may have. While nurses are not able to diagnose medical issues, they have trained eyes and ears—and a keen sense of perspective. When a nurse calls a doctor’s office with a concern about a patient, the doctor listens. Nurses also understand that being mortal requires some TLC for both the patient and the caregiver.

Our practitioners are experienced registered nurses who are board-certified experts in foot care. We serve Franklin, Worcester, Hampshire and Berkshire counties of Western Massachusetts.

Appointments are available in our Greenfield Clinic or in the home.

We offer regular field clinics at Senior Centers, Councils on Aging, and other venues around Western Massachusetts.

References are available upon request.

About Foot Care Credentials

FootCare by Nurses Management Team


Our founder, Kate Clayton-Jones MBA MSN RN is currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Nursing at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her area of study is person centered care and prevention through foot care. Kate says she was motivated to start FootCare by Nurses because she saw too many people in acute care having their toes or feet amputated after sitting with IV bags for weeks dealing with infections. She thinks that nurses need to play an active role in preventing falls and foot ulcers from happening in the first place and that they can do that using TLC, evidence-based practice and nursing knowledge.


  • Director of Operations and Sales—Carole Groman
  • Director of Nurses—Susan Sauceda, RN CFCS
  • Director of IT—Daniel Lieberman

Our nurses are all AAFCN board certified and actively practice foot care nursing in the community.

  • Kate Clayton-Jones MSN RN CFCN CFCS
  • Jovy Bennett RN CFCS
  • Susan Sauceda RN CFCS
  • Kendra Kuhn RN CFCN CFCN
  • Kristin Heisler RN CFCN
  • Susie Manselle RN CFCN

Mentors and Advisors

FootCare by Nurses is currently being mentored by the Franklin County CDC, Valley Venture Mentors and Cheryl Dukes from the University of Massachusetts.