What We Do

FootCare By Nurses provides expert, person-centered foot care. Whether you are a runner, a mountain climber, a secretary, a nurse, a diabetic or cannot quite reach those toes anymore, our certified foot care nurses will take care of you and your feet in senior centers, clinics and practices throughout Western Massachusetts. Our certified foot care nurses can also care for you or your loved ones right in the home.

Long toenails, ingrown ones, feet with fungal issues, foot pain, calluses, or corns—our nurses take care of all sorts of people with feet, including elders, workers, nurses, people who work on their feet all day, office workers, football players, teenagers, and diabetics. The tools of our trade are advanced foot care instruments, education, nursing knowledge, TLC, and safe natural products.

While we are told we do beautiful work, some feet deserve more than just paint. If you or someone you know is suffering from foot pain or a foot problem, our viewpoint and short appointment wait times could just be the peace of mind you are looking for. We don’t charge if we cannot help you.

We hire for kindness, compassion and empathy. We train all our nurses beyond the national board certified CFCS/CFCN level. Our nurses are knowledge experts in foot care and helping people recognize early warning signs of looming health issues such as congestive heart failure and wounds. We believe that the best cure is prevention and that it should be customized to fit you. Our nurses are part of your personal wellness team.

Training for Foot Care Experts

Grow your business, lower the costs of health care and bust the myth about nurses doing foot care—FootCare by Nurses is a training facility for nurses and organizations wishing to learn about cost savings and person centered care. Dentists used to not have dental hygienists, and MDs used to not have PAs. RNs LPNs, NPs, DPMs, PTs, DOs, MDs, educators welcome. We are located right off of 91N in Greenfield MA.

Foot Care for Veterans
“Thank you so much. You give great care, a wonderful massage and do it all with humanity, this was a wonderful experience. —Customer Comment 6/16”

We Work for You

While FootCare by Nurses may be new to you, foot care nurses have been around for a long, long time. The author Marge Piercy even wrote a poem about her foot care nurse. Foot care nurses are trained to see the whole picture—you and your feet. We work for you, with your doctors, podiatrists, orthotists, physical therapists, and health care team to support your health. Ask for us by name, share us with friends, call us with questions at 413 367 8369—we are always happy to help.